Thrivent members may have two benefits available to them to support charitable organizations like MVL. For general information about these programs, contact MVL Mission Advancement, or 507.354.6851. For specifics about your personal benefits, please contact your local Thrivent representative.

Thrivent Choice

Firstly, the Thrivent Choice® program encourages benefit members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of its charitable grant funds. In other words, members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations, including churches and schools.

Thrivent designates a minimum of 25 Choice Dollars and a maximum of 5,000 Choice Dollars per eligibility period (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31) to eligible benefit members. Choice Dollars designated during the calendar year can be directed until March 31 of the following year.

Thrivent Action Teams

Secondly, all members of Thrivent can apply for a Thrivent Action Team. Action Teams are a one-time fundraiser, service activity, or educational event. Once approved, you will receive a Thrivent Action Kit, delivered to your door. It contains everything you need to help make your project a success, including $250 in seed money!

Moreover, there are several events throughout the school year where you can help MVL through an Action Team. Contact MVL Mission Advancement, or 507.354.6851, for more information about those MVL opportunities.