What is Scrip?

Scrip is an opportunity to use gift cards for everyday items. Participating chains and local businesses allow MVL to receive a percentage of the face value in rebates. You can think of Scrip as “shopping cart fundraising” because it’s used for the ordinary gas, groceries, dining, and retail shopping that you usually do.

Of that rebate, you get to designate where 40% of it goes:

  • Your family’s tuition account (for a current or future student);
  • Someone else’s tuition account (for a current or future student), such as your grandchild, niece/nephew, or neighbor;
  • MVL Tuition Assistance Program; or
  • MVL Operating Fund.

Plus, you can change your designation at any time. The remaining 60% of the rebate goes to the MVL Operating Fund, which helps sustain the school.

Download the MVL Scrip order form!

Let’s look at some typical examples:

I have a junior and freshman at MVL, and my Scrip account goes towards my students’ tuition. I usually spend $100 in groceries at Hy-Vee each week. Before my shopping, I go to MVL, write a check to MVL Scrip for $100, and receive a $100 Hy-Vee gift card. I spend it at Hy-Vee as usual for my groceries and gas. No extra cost or hassle for me, and $1.20 of that gift card directly goes towards our tuition.

Our grandkids are still in grade school, but they’re already excited about high school at MVL. We decided to set up a Scrip account for their future tuition. We’re planning to treat a friend for a meal out at Applebee’s after next week’s game, so we order some Scrip ahead of time. For every $20 gift card we order, we pay MVL Scrip $20 and receive $20 worth of food at Applebee’s, all while knowing that $0.64 has been set aside for our grandkids’ tuition. We know how quickly that can add up over the years before their attendance at MVL and through the years that they are students!

I’m an MVL alum. While I no longer know any MVL students, I want to support my high school and the students currently there. I started a Scrip account and designated my 40% of the proceeds to go towards MVL’s Tuition Assistance Program. I wouldn’t have been able to attend MVL if my family didn’t receive that help, so I am excited to help many other families now. Sometimes it takes advance planning to get the gift cards I want, but Scrip is such an easy and convenient way to give back!

How do I get started?

Enroll in the program by visiting MVL during school hours or make an account on raiseright.com.

MVL keeps an inventory in stock, so you can often order and pickup in the same visit! If you are requesting cards not in stock, orders submitted by Monday morning are typically available by Friday, pending arrival from the supplier.

Mobile App Available!

Scrip also has a mobile app, RaiseRight, which allows you to order reloadable cards and have them shipped directly to you or ecards that are sent to your mobile device for immediate use.

MVL’s Enrollment Code: B6E3F3F48542

Contact Lizz Tice

Scrip Coordinator

scrip@mvlhs.org or 507.233.8662