If you don’t currently have an estate plan, MVL Mission Advancement can guide you in asking the right questions and utilizing available resources as you create a legacy for your family and the ministries and causes you cherish.

MVL also partners with the WELS Foundation to provide up-to-date information regarding the planned giving opportunities and options available to you. The Web links to the right connect to the WELS Foundation website, where you can find additional tools and useful information on planned giving options, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and donor advised funds.

If you are interested in learning more, contact MVL Mission Advancement at missionadvancement@mvlhs.org or 507.354.6851 to set up a confidential, no-cost appointment.

Financial Security…and Giving Generously

In today’s low interest rate environment, those depending on interest-bearing accounts for income have seen those dollars dwindle, often to critical levels. The good news is there are charitable vehicles available that, depending on one’s individual situation, can result in receiving a higher income stream (partially tax-free) and an immediate charitable deduction while still supporting your chosen charity or ministry.

One such vehicle is a charitable gift annuity (CGA). Consider Anna Annuity who just turned 80 and whose income has been negatively impacted by falling interest rates. A gift of $25,000 into a CGA could yield approximately 6.8% annually for the remainder of her life. In addition, not only would she receive an immediate charitable tax deduction but for approximately 9 years she also would receive at least a portion of her $1,700 annual income tax free. (This example is for illustration purposes only. Please consult with tax and financial professionals to determine your individual situation.)

Once a gift annuity is established, the payments remain fixed until the death of the annuitant.

And the “giving generously”?

When the annuitant dies or decides to discontinue receiving the payments, the remaining balance of the annuity goes to the annuitant’s chosen charity. In this way, a person who receives payments from a gift annuity also has the satisfaction of knowing that someday the annuity will benefit a cause or ministry which is dear to his or her heart.

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