On November 9th & 10th we will have our Parent-Teacher Conferences. These conferences are optional. Parents can determine which teachers they would like to meet with and make appointments with those teachers. We encourage you to do in-person conferences while social distancing and wearing a mask. If you feel uncomfortable doing an in-person conference you can request to do it online. When you sign up for your slot with each teacher you will be required to enter your preference.

Sign-ups will be open until October 30th. This allows adequate time to prepare the schedules, and for the teachers to prepare for meetings. The meeting times will be scheduled in 15-minute segments from 3:00 p.m. until 7:45 p.m. Be sure to note that on the days of Parent-Teacher Conferences, students will be dismissed from classes at noon. The MVL buses will run right away after school.

Please only sign up for one slot per teacher even if you have more than one student or class with that teacher. If you need additional time beyond the 15 minutes, you can schedule something outside of the conference time with that teacher. We ask this because there are limited slots available.