The Junior Charger Choir is a group of 6th – 8th grade students from across the MVL association that performs for concerts at MVL. They will work to perform songs on their own, as well as songs with the MVL ensembles.

The Mission

The mission of the Junior Charger Choir is to provide students with an opportunity to use their talents, at a high level, to thank and praise our Lord. The group aims to provide high-level vocal and choral instruction as well as give opportunities to perform with the ensembles from MVL, thereby deepening the connection that MVL shares with the churches, schools, and families as we partner with them in ministry.


A rehearsal schedule has been published on our website and is available from your school’s choir director or principal. The goal is to meet enough times to develop each of our individual sounds as well as the sound of the group and to effectively learn the music that has been selected. You do not need to be at every rehearsal in order to perform. However, the more rehearsals that you can attend, the more prepared you and the group as a whole will be.

The Christmas Concert will be held on Thursday, December 21st. The concert begins at 6:45 PM. Students will need to arrive for pre-concert rehearsal by 5:45 PM.

Sign Up and Requirements

The cost for the Junior Charger Choir will be $20. That money will cover the cost of the polo shirts that we will wear for the concert, as well as the music that we’ll be singing. Payments will be made online when you register your child. Note that there is a $0.50 fee if paying by credit card online.

For each student that would like to participate, please fill out the form by September 29th. This will give me time to make sure that all information is shared with everyone before our first rehearsal on October 15th.

Concert Attire

All students will be receive a polo shirt. We ask that you wear black pants or long black skirts as well as black dress shoes and socks for the concert with the polo shirt.


We will use Google Classroom to share announcements, documents, and information. For all who sign up to be a part of this choir, you will be given a code to enter the classroom.

If you have questions, please contact Mr. Jon Hermanson at

Date Event Time Location
Oct 15 Rehearsal 2:00-3:15 pm MVL Music Room
Oct 29 Rehearsal *5:30-6:45 pm MVL Music Room
Nov 12 Rehearsal *5:30-6:45 pm MVL Music Room
Nov 26 Rehearsal 2:00-3:15 pm MVL Music Room
Dec 10 Rehearsal 2:00-3:15 pm MVL Gymnasium
Dec 17 Rehearsal 2:00-3:15 pm MVL Gymnasium
Dec 21 Christmas Concert 6:45 pm MVL Gymnasium

The “call time” for the Christmas Concert will be 5:45 pm in the music room. This will be very important as this will be the ONE time that we get to run our mass choir music with the ensembles from MVL.