Principal’s Message

Freedom and Confidence

In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Ephesians 3:12

We have certainly faced a fair amount of uncertainty and questions this year.  Whether it was the new addition or the highway 14 construction (and using 561st Avenue as our main thoroughfare!), there were plenty of questions surrounding those two efforts.  More recently, we’ve had an unusually high number of teachers holding calls all at once.  While we still (at the time of this writing) still have several individuals in question, much has been resolved already and we know that those teachers will return to MVL next year.

Yesterday morning, we received the news of Mr. Schoenherr’s health concerns.  Thankfully, he was close enough to medical care that he could get the help he needed and should return to MVL soon.

Those challenges may pale in comparison to what you may be dealing with at home or in your own family.  If it is, I pray that you soon may get some relief from that uncertainty.  As I considered some of these issues we’ve had at MVL, as well as the issues you may be facing, I was reminded once again of our theme passage for the year and which I have included above these thoughts.

What a blessing it is for us that we are able to go to our Lord in prayer in these times of uncertainty.  What an even greater blessing it is that we can go to our Lord in prayer as an MVL family each day and approach our Lord with the freedom and confidence that He has granted us through Jesus.

As we close out the school year, I pray that our Lord continues to bless you now and in the future!

Dearest Members of the MVLHS Association,

Let me express my gratitude to each and every one of you for my retirement recognition during and after the recent Year End Concert. I will remember your greetings and gifts as a special delight from the Lord. I consider myself richly blessed to have been able to teach Scripture to MVL students for so many years. 

My family and I have been personally enriched through the ministry of MVL. I pray that the good Lord will bless MVL in the future as He has in the past. I am fortunate to have been a part of this ministry, and I thank you all for that opportunity.

–Jeff Koepsell

For Your Information

Graduation Information

Here are a variety of facts that may be of interest to you. Graduation Day is Sunday, May 26. The service will begin at 2:00 p.m. The guest speaker will be Rev. Tim Hartwig and student speakers will be Joe Schroeder, Bethany Spike, and Caleb Pavelchik.

Each family may lay claim to eight seats in the reserved section on the main floor of the gymnasium. Extra guests and family may have to sit behind the reserved section or on the bleachers, either on the main floor or on the stage. Please note that, at 1:45 p.m., those previously reserved seats will become open for general seating. As we’ve done the past few years, no “tickets” will be distributed. We trust that families will limit their seats to eight per graduate.

Gowns were handed out in April. Follow the directions that come with the gowns to insure that they look good for graduation.

Cords and/or gold tassels will need to be picked up on the day of graduation. Cords are awarded to those achieving a GPA of 3.84 or higher. Gold tassels are awarded to those achieving a GPA of 3.5 – 3.84. Final grades of the senior class will determine those receiving these honors. Cords and tassels belong to the graduate. Stoles are the property of the NHS chapter and must be returned to school this summer. NHS stoles will need to be picked up on that day as well, unless other arrangements have already been made.

As a gift to each senior, MVL will provide each graduate with a group picture of the class. Those pictures will be mailed out later in the summer. We will take the group picture at 12:55 p.m. so your senior needs to be here no later than 12:40 p.m. to get robed and ready and be in the gym by 12:55 p.m. All special pictures must be completed before 2:00 p.m.

We encourage the seniors to remember that their high school graduation is a worship service. We are confident that their manner of dress and their actions during their graduation service will reflect that fact. Please speak with your senior and encourage them to let his/her light shine in this way.

After the service, a receiving line of graduates will take place outside. In case of inclement weather, the receiving line will be in the Commons.

National Honor Society


The stole that your student will wear for graduation is the property of our NHS chapter. NHS members will receive them on graduation day before the group picture is taken. The stole must be returned to school no later than June 30th. The cost of replacement is close to $50 with shipping and handling so it would be advisable to return them so they can be cleaned at a group rate.

Senior Chromebook Decision

Any Seniors using an MVL-issued Chromebook will have the opportunity to purchase their Chromebook at a prorated price of $50 when they graduate from MVL. A survey was sent out to the Seniors asking for their decision. Please note that if the Chromebook will not be purchased, it needs to be returned by the last day of school. Both the Chromebook and charger must be in good working order or you will be charged for the replacement cost.

The Chromebook will receive auto-updates until June 2029.

 Payment needs to be made by Friday, May 10th. Contact Mr. Schauland with any questions.

Scholarship Recognition on May 15th

Once again, MVL will recognize the variety of scholarships and grants awarded to our seniors in a special lyceum that will be held on Wednesday, May 15th in the MVL gymnasium. Parents are invited to join the MVL student body for chapel beginning at 9:38 a.m., with the presentation of scholarships to follow. Members of the Senior Class have been given a form to identify the various scholarships and grants received. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Smith at or 507.233.8685.

Prism Concerts – Saturday, May 4

The MVL Music Department invites you to the annual Prism Concerts on Saturday, May 4 at 5 & 8 p.m. in the MVL gym. Students will perform with the band, choir, Jazz Ensemble, and Chargaliers, and as soloists and small groups. All are invited to attend and hear what our students have eagerly prepared.

MVL History Tour 2024

The 2024 MVL History Tour will be June 17 – 27 this summer. This MVL tradition has provided such an amazing class binding opportunity for our new seniors of the class of 2025. The tour will again include great tour stops in South Bend, Niagara Falls, Gettysburg, Washington DC, and Virginia Beach. Nearly the entire senior class (46 of 48) will be participating this summer. Mr. Buboltz and Miss Maasz will be chaperoning the trip this summer.

Participants are reminded to arrive at MVL by 6:30 am on June 17 if they are getting picked up in New Ulm. There is also a pick up at Peace Lutheran Church at 7:15 am for those getting picked up in Mankato. The group should return to Mankato around noon on June 27 and MVL around 1 pm that same day. Please continue to follow the group on Facebook and your prayerful support is always appreciated.

Network New Ulm Youth Leadership Program

Applications are now being taken for the Network New Ulm Youth Leadership Program for the 2024-2025 school year. Seniors and juniors from MVL, NUHS, CHS, and ALC are eligible to apply for this excellent leadership program. The purpose of the program is to increase community awareness and foster youth leaders. There are six sessions throughout the school year. NNUY participants will be able to tour different businesses and schools in our community. NNUY is a wonderful experience and a great way to build leadership skills while learning about the community you live in. Interested MVL students can pick up an application in the office. Applications are due by May 24.

Minnesota Human Rights Act

Recently, our WELS Minnesota District shared an important response (click the prior link to view the response) with our called ministers, explaining that legislation is currently advancing in Minnesota Legislature to adopt a Human Rights Act that does not have a provision that exempts churches and schools. If adopted and enforced, this legislation will directly impact our congregations with a Biblically conflicting definition of gender identity. Please carefully read the attached document – and pray for our leaders and lawmakers that they will enact good and Godly legislation. And if you are moved, please contact or email the MN legislators where you live, and respectfully ask them to restore the religious exemption.

MVL Students visiting Germany this summer

This summer, 12 MVL students and 2 students from St. Croix Lutheran High School, will be visiting Siegen, Germany in an exchange program that has been around for 25 years. MVL has been partnering with St. Croix (and West Lutheran at times) in an exchange program that assists students from the Evangelisches Gymnasium (EVAU) in Siegen. MVL has hosted numerous students from Siegen throughout the years and it has been an incredible experience for MVL, our students, and the host families. Only a handful of MVL students have actually visited Siegen during this partnership, but this summer is completely different. Mr. Buboltz will be chaperoning the trip. The summer exchange trip to Siegen will take place from May 28 – June 11.

While in Siegen, the students will participate in daily school activities at EVAU. The students will also be staying with some very excited host families ready to learn from them also. There will be group activities with the students from Siegen as well as a trip to Rudesheim, Germany. There the students will enjoy a boat tour on the Rhine with the opportunity to visit a castle. This should be an incredible experience for the 15 participants. Please keep this group in your prayers during their visit.

Academic Detention for Make-Up Work

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, MVL has been monitoring late/missing school work to determine if any changes need to be made to our current school policy on the matter. While this is not an overwhelming problem, MVL continues to strive for academic excellence with our students. Currently, we are experimenting with the idea of academic detention to provide struggling students an opportunity to meeting with teachers for assistance or additional study time. If a student has an assignment that is two weeks late, the student will be required to meet with Mr. Norrick after school from 3:10 – 4:00 pm. This will take precedent over other co-curricular activities. This is only an experiment at this time and the MVL administration and staff will access its effectiveness at our end of the year meetings. Please feel free to contact Mr. Buboltz with any feedback before our meeting May 29-30. Parents will be made aware of any changes that may occur for the 2024-2025 school year.

Test Accommodations

If you have a student who is receiving accommodations and has a Student Action Plan (SAP) they may be able to use similar accommodations on the SAT suite of assessments. 

In order to request an accommodation a Consent Form for Accommodations Request must be filled out. This will allow Mr. Smith, school counselor, to begin the accommodation request process. 

The following tests are eligible for accommodations through College Board:
SAT, PSAT, AP Exams, and CLEP Exams.

Mr. Smith will assist students and families throughout this process and will also visit with them as to whether or not they want to apply for accommodations through ACT (separate process).

The due date to request accommodations is August 21, 2024. However, it is highly encouraged to start the process earlier in case extra documentation is required. 

 At the end of May, beginning of June, a letter and the Consent Form for Accommodations Request will be mailed out to a list of those who are intereseted. Please fill out the form and return to me or Mr. Smith before August 21, 2024.  

If interested please let Mr. Norrick, Learning Coordinator, know by contacting him at: 507-354-6851 or You may also contact Mr. Smith, school counselor, at 507-233-8685 or 

2024-2025 School Year

2024-2025 School Year

The 2024-2025 Academic calendar has been posted on our MVL website under the Academics tab. We are hoping that an early release of this schedule will help you prepare for next school year and the scheduling of vacations and doctors’ appointments.

2024-2025 Reenrollment

A reenrollment email from FACTS should have been sent to you for reenrollment for the 2024-2025 school year. Follow the link in that email and check through your enrollment information and make any changes necessary. The reenrollment was due by March 15.

2024-2025 Tuition

While completing your enrollment packet on FACTs, you will be asked to fill out the financial portion as well.  This is where you will indicate your preference for tuition payments.  Options include paying in full, paying by semester, or 9- or 11*-month payment plans on either the 1st or 15th of the month.  11* month plans run August through June, and 9 month plans run August through April. After choosing a payment plan, you will be asked to enter banking information for the account. Please know that this can be adjusted or changed, if needed, prior to the start of school.  If you have a very unique payment need, please check the “invoice” button on the application.  This will allow you to bypass entering banking information.  If you select invoice, you will receive a form you will need to fill out and return to school, indicating your payment intentions.  This will need to be reviewed and signed by Dr. Plath.  Tuition and fees for the 2024-2025 school year will be added to your account in early July.

Each family only has one financial account on FACTS, as the tuition follows the student and not a certain individual paying on the account.  The primary contact can add others to the account so they have access on the online features as well.  If that is not possible, an ACH can be set up for a second payor.  For these types of situations, feel free to reach out to Deb Kuck with any questions at (507) 233-8656.

You will also be asked about incidental expenses.  You have the option to have those paid automatically through your bank account, or to pay yourself online, or by check or cash at school.  There is a check box on the form.  Please check this if you would like them taken out automatically.  Incidental expenses would include sports fees, activity fees, instrument rentals, and daily rental fees for Chromebooks.

*As a reminder…. Families with only a senior student cannot chose the 11-month plan, as all fees need to be paid in full prior to graduation. If a family has an underclassman as well as the senior, then the 11-month plan may be selected, but at least ½ the tuition and fees need to be paid prior to graduation of the senior.


History Tour Fees and Payments (Junior Parents)

Those of you who have students who will be going on the History Tour this year had the fee added to the incidental fees on your FACTS account last fall.  Please note that the monthly payment for the History Tour DOES NOT come out automatically. This is something you will have to go on and pay when it is convenient for you and your budget. If you would rather have your student bring the monthly payment in the form of cash or check to school, that is fine as well.   We do ask that monthly payments are made on the accounts, as some fees for the trip are accessed beforehand.  Account balances need to be paid in full prior to departure.   Deb Kuck is the contact for financial issues concerning History Tour.  Jim Buboltz is the contact for anything else.

Lunch Payments

To make an online lunch payment please go to the site, click on “Student Life or Parent Resources”, and then choose the dropdown “Lunch Program”. When making the payment, make certain to indicate first and last name of the student the lunch money is to be applied.  Please note that it may take a day or two for the payment to show up on your child’s lunch account.

Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition Assistance for the 2024-2025 school year will be done through FACTS. To get to the online application, go to and click on Apply to MVL. The deadline for submission of the application is May 15. If you have any questions about the online process, please contact the MVL office.

2024-2025 Additional Educational Opportunities

MVL offers online courses, PSEO, and Career Technical Education (CTE) options. Three Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses. If your student is interested in participating in any of these opportunities, please see the MVL Course of Study website for more information handbook

Booster Club

Booster Club Needs You!!

The MVL Booster Club provides opportunities for Christian fellowship for MVL parents and supporters which in turn provides financial support for special needs items that are not included in the annual operating budget.  This is an exceptional opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s education and meet other parents along the way.
There are officer openings which might be of interest to you beginning the ’24-’25 School Year:
President: Call meetings, prepare agendas and run meetings
Treasurer: Track income and expenses of Booster Club and provide regular reports.
Event Coordinator: Coordinate annual events of Booster Club
Please consider ways that you can serve and reach out to current members if you are interested in how you can be involved! We are happy to answer questions you may have.
Adam Schmidt-President:
Angie Brau –
Sara Schauer – Secretary:

Counselor Connection

Final Transcripts — Seniors

Mr. Smith has shared a Google Doc with all seniors requesting that they fill out the destination they would like their final high school transcript sent to after graduation. Please note that all MVL accounts must be paid in full and up-to-date before a transcript can be sent. 

Resources — Summer Reading

A large number of resources are available from Mr. Smith for MVL students and parents to read and utilize over the summer. If you are interested in finding out what resources are available, please contact Mr. Smith directly.

Current Juniors / Rising Seniors

Summer and Senior Year Suggestions

  1. Tackle College Apps (and Essays) Early and Often

Imagine beginning the final year of your high school career without the stress and anxiety of trying to figure out when you will possibly find time to work on college apps and their respective essays. Most colleges and universities will begin accepting applications around July 1st (some are earlier). Many colleges (and scholarships) will have some type of essay addressing “Why do you want to major in BLANK at OUR SCHOOL?” This is a helpful essay to compose during the summer and customize as needed during the early fall.

  1. Ride Out Your Existential Crises

Senior year will undoubtedly be stressful and overwhelming at some point (maybe multiple points). Know how to indulge in some self-care and treat yourself in order to combat the stress. Go for a run, read for enjoyment, or get a group of friends together and play games, find out what works for you and use it in those moments. If nothing else, know whom you can talk to; Mr. Smith would be more than happy to listen and help!

  1. Stop Looking Left and Right

I love this one! We are only human so we inevitably compare ourselves to our peers. Deciding what to pursue after high school is an individualistic journey and it should be one that is enjoyable. Timelines will be different for each of you, so comparing yourself to your peers makes no sense. It would be like comparing an apple to a wildebeest ☺.

  1. Learn to Say No”

This is such an important life lesson that I am continuing to learn each and every day. Do not spread yourself too thin; it’s your senior year and you may want to participate in everything, including activities you’ve never done prior to this year. However, continuously stressing yourself out and not having the time to fully commit to anything will prevent you from truly enjoying the year. Clearly define your priorities for this year and remain steadfast.

  1. Stay Engaged and Committed

This clearly builds off of the previous point. I am guessing you would not intentionally want to start a race out strong and then nose dive just short of the finish line. Similarly, you want to ensure that you are finishing your senior year strong. This positive momentum can carry over into the next part of your life. If that is college, you want to keep your study habits and routines strong.

  1. Your Loved Ones Really Do Want What is Best for You

They truly do. If and when they ask about your future, it’s because they care. They may be processing and sifting through their own emotions at this time as they prepare themselves for you to “head out into the world” on your own.

  1. Senioritis is Natural…

It’s not really an “if”, but more so a “when”. Senioritis, a dip in your motivation, gets almost everyone. Understanding that can ensure you are prepared and ready to combat it. Do not fall victim to this trap rather, acknowledge it, overcome it, and finish strong!

  1. Scholarship Applications Are Worth Your Time

Small scholarships add up, so all scholarship applications are worth your time. Think of it this way: if a scholarship application takes you 15 minutes to complete and you win and are awarded $250, you essentially just made $1,000/hr. That’s a nice hourly wage! There are some scholarships available now. One national site ( offers monthly scholarships including their annual $10,000 scholarship. In 2023, they received less than 1,900 submissions nationally for the $10,000 scholarship.

  1. Enjoy the People Around You and Embrace Being a Role Model

Celebrate this journey with those around you and use this year to meet a different group of friends. Attend the school events you always have and attend some that you have not had the opportunity to support. Enjoy your teachers, as they have been some of the most influential people in your life thus far. Take the opportunity to remind them of the impact they had and be appreciative of all of their efforts. Know that the underclassmen will look to you for guidance and advice, take that role seriously. Lastly, do not get so caught up in the busyness of the year that you blink and miss it.

  1. Rejection and Failure Will Not Define You

One could easily insert any number of famous quotes citing perseverance, grit, dedication, or any other current buzzword. It is likely that many of you soon to be seniors will be applying to incredibly selective colleges or competitive jobs with a large number of applicants. We cannot dictate the outcome of any situation, but we can choose how we will respond. Know that if one door closes, more than likely that was not the door for you. You are all going to go on and be successful because of the people you are.

MVL New Athlete Weight Room Safety Certification

June 9th, 5-7 PM

All students who intend to participate in MVL Athletics NEED to be weight-room safety certified. If you haven’t already been certified, please plan on attending the certification class on Sunday, June 9th from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at MVL. With summer sports workouts beginning in June, students new to MVL will want to attend so they can utilize the weight room during these workouts.

New attendees for the BFS Summer Strength and Conditioning Program can also attend the June 9th certification if they aren’t able to attend the certification offered on July 8, 10 & 11. A third certification day will also be offered on Friday, August 9th from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM.

Please contact Kirk Schauland ( with any questions.

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