MVL’s basketball programs have been blessed with a great deal of success over the years. Good coaching, supportive parents, and excellent student-athletes have all contributed to our success.

Girls Basketball

The MVL Chargers girls basketball program consists of three levels of participation: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams. Placement on those teams is based on tryouts, which typically take place during the 2nd or 3rd week of November each year. Each team plays a 20-25 game schedule of Tomahawk Conference and non-conference games each season. All teams practice every day after school on non-game days. The Varsity team takes part in the MSHSL playoffs and state tournament after the regular season is done.

Girls Basketball Records

Links to download 10,000 shot and ball-handling forms:

Charger Ballhandling Factory2

10,000 Shot Sheet

10,000 Shot Sheet

Charger Ballhandling Factory

Throw in some ball-handling with movement (yo-yo, pound-pound, etc.), and quickness drills for defense and offense to really improve your game!