Our story follows young, ambitious J. Pierrepont Finch, (a.k.a. Ponty) who, with the help of the book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, rises from window washer to chairman of the board of the World Wide Wicket Company.

The office building is filled with secretaries and execs who work together to make the best of corporate life by getting their daily dose of coffee- an absolute must for survival.  Heaven forbid if there’s NO COFFEE!!!   

Finch begins working in the mailroom, but soon after, schmoozes Mr. Biggley, the president of the company, after he learns from Biggley’s secretary, Miss Jones, that he is a proud alumnus of Old Ivy College.  They sing the fight song and vow to rip “their” rival, the Chipmunks, off the field.  

On his way to the top, he encounters Bud Frump, the president’s nephew, a “do-nothing, got here by nepotism, entitled dud” who wants nothing more than to see Finch fail. Ponty also meets Rosemary, a sweet secretary, whom he will discover is the love of his life.  After being neglected by Ponty, Rosemary decides to quit, but her fellow secretaries convince her to stay because she’s living their dream of marrying an executive, a.k.a. “The Prince”.    

Ponty works his way up through the mailroom, into the Plans and Systems Department, and then becomes the Vice President of Advertising.  It is there that he has to come up with an advertising scheme to get him promoted and out of the Advertising Department(a warning from the book). The executives are wary of Finch and scheme to get rid of him.  Before everything comes crashing down on him, Finch tells the executives that even though the business world is a place filled with betrayal and competitiveness, the World Wide Wicket staff is like a family to him, a Brotherhood of Man. 

Come and see this exciting musical comedy, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, at State Street Theater, New Ulm, on April 26 and 27 at 7p.m, and April 28 at 2p.m.  Tickets are sold at the door.  Ticket prices are $5 (K-12) and $7 (Adults).