MVL Athletics Department

Philosophy of the MVL Athletics Department

The foundation of all interscholastic athletic programs at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School is the Word of God. The coaches that direct these programs and the student athletes that participate will be guided by this foundation.

Mission of the MVL Athletics Department

In keeping with Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School’s mission to train student for Christian lives, the athletic department strives to train our youth through unique learning opportunities difficult to duplicate in other areas of school life. Interscholastic sports provide another experience for students blessed with God-given abilities in athletics to develop their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills and values in the light of God’s Word.

Objectives of the MVL Athletics Department

  1. Spiritual Development
    1. Provide a Christian environment where student athletes can grow in faith.
    2. Encourage student athletes to let their light shine through great effort and good sportsmanship, properly representing their Savior and doing all to God’s glory.
  2. Intellectual Development
    1. Student athletes learn to put school work before their athletic involvement.
    2. Learn exercises, skills and rules specific to their sport.
  3. Physical Development
    1. Student athletes learn to respect their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.
    2. Student athletes discipline and train themselves according to the physical needs of their sport.
    3. Develop strength, stamina, and skill abilities in student athletes.
  4. Social Development
    1. Provide an environment where team play, cooperation, and respect for teammates and opponents is a priority.
    2. Learn self-discipline, service, and humility as attitudes of team play that carry over into life.
    3. Encourage friendships between teammates as they strive to reach their athletic potential.
    4. Instill in student athletes the fact that participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege with accompanying responsibilities.
    5. Foster in student athletes an attitude that they faithfully commit themselves to all training rules.
  5. Emotional Development
    1. Student Athletes learn to cope in a Christian manner with feelings they experience in competition such as winning, losing, anger, trust, jealousy, frustration over injury, etc.
    2. Understand that winning is doing their best with their Godgiven talents, both individually and collectively.
    3. Develop in the student athlete the sense of satisfaction and joy that comes from using their God-given talents to their fullest.

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