How does MVL meet the needs of each student?

MVL has the reputation as a strong academic educational institution. Our students consistently score higher on standardized tests than the state average of public school students. Advanced placement courses are offered and juniors and seniors can participate in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO). Additionally, there is a growing list of classes designed for the student who does not wish to take college level courses.

Can MVL make accommodations for special needs students?

Generally, we can help students with special needs and their families. We are blessed to have a very positive working relationship with New Ulm Public Schools and Riverbend Educational District. They continue to be strong partners in the education of these students. For questions regarding special needs students, please contact the MVL administration.

Is transportation available for my student?

Bus transportation is provided to students from a number of communities with Association churches. For a detailed list of bus routes, please contact the MVL administration.

Is there a hot lunch program at MVL?

MVL has a hot lunch program that provides a variety of nutritious meals each day for our students. A salad bar is available as an alternative to the day’s entree. Since MVL’s lunch program does accept government funding, free and reduced priced lunches are available to those families that qualify.

Since MVL is a Lutheran high school, what impact will religion have on my life at MVL?

Each student takes a daily religion class as part of the curricular requirements. For those who are new to the teachings of our church body, an introductory course is offered. Our students also participate in chapel devotions every day. Finally, all our classes are taught in the light of God’s Word.

From whom does the support of MVL come?

MVL is able to offer education through a unique “Partnership for Christian Lives” with support from current families, Association congregations, and MVL friends. Without these three vital components, MVL would not be sustainable.