What is Scrip?

Scrip is “Substitute money”–usually in the form of pre-paid gift cards used as a credit card.

Why use Scrip?

The participating businesses share their profits with the school. A percentage of the face value of each certificate is discounted when the school buys the certificate, and is a profit for the school when they sell at face value. Scrip is really “shopping cart fundraising” because we hope people will use it for the ordinary gas, groceries, and eating out that they usually do.

How will it work for me?

I usually buy $100 worth of groceries at HyVee a week. I go to MVL and buy $100 worth of Scrip. I receive a gift card valued at $100. (No extra cost to me!) I spend it at HyVee as usual (it can be used for either gas or groceries). The profit for MVL is $3.00, the percent of discount MVL received when they paid for the gift card. I’ve found that using the gift card is easier than writing a check! I want to treat someone for a meal out at Applebee’s after the game so I order some Scrip. For every $20 gift card I order, I pay $20, receive $20 worth of food at Applebees and MVL gets $1.20. See! I spend what I usually do but in a way that will benefit MVL. You can also benefit your child’s tuition account because 40% of the profits from your purchases will be able to be designated by you in April. Your choices (at least as we have determined them so far) will be the MVL general fund, your family’s tuition account, or someone else’s tuition account (your grandchild, niece, or nephew, for example). Profits: 60% go to the MVL General Operating Fund monthly; 40% you will designate in April.

How will this work?

  1. Enroll in the program. (First time only)
  2. Make your selections from the order form.
  3. Place your order by mailing or bringing order form to MVL. (by 8 a.m. Monday)
  4. Pay by check made out to MVL SCRIP or with cash
  5. Pick up or have your order mailed to you (usually on Friday)

Scrip will take a bit of advanced planning. Keep this in mind—Any time we want to do something special for the Lord’s work, it will take a little extra effort!

Download a PDF of the MVL Scrip order form.

 How to get the most recent information or order scrip direct?

You can check this website to find more vendors: