MVL Chargers Football Program

The MVL Chargers football program consists of three levels of participation: Varsity, Varsity Reserve, and Freshman teams. Excluding the Freshman team, placement on those teams is based on talent level evaluation from the coaching staff. The goal of this program is to provide an experience of a lifetime by using God’s gifts and talents he has given to us in the game of football. The Varsity team will consist of the most talented football players no matter the age level. The football season generally begins with the August practices and finishes up around Thanksgiving. We strive to have our Varsity Reserve and Freshman teams play an 8 game schedule. All the teams practice everyday after school on non-game days. MVL is a member of the Mid SouthEast District. The Varsity team takes part in the MSHSL playoffs and state tournament after the regular season is completed.


As mentioned above, the Varsity football team consists of the most talented football players grades 9 – 12. The football games are generally played on Friday and Saturday nights with the exception of playoff games or special scheduling. The Varsity team weekly school schedule follows the format of Monday for film work, Tuesday and Wednesday for practice, and Thursday for pre-game. Monday to Wednesday practices are usually finished by 5:30, while Thursday practices finish around 5:00. The program will also provide ample time for weightlifting and speed training. The Friday night games usually begin at 7:00 pm. Our home football games are played at Johnson Park in downtown New Ulm.

Varsity Reserve

The Varsity Reserve football team mainly consists of sophomores, with some select freshman or juniors. The goal of this program is to get those players more time who need it and to help get others up to the next level. These games are mainly on Mondays. Our home games are held on the MVL campus in the afternoon.


The Freshman football team consists only of freshman boys. The goal of this program is to get as much playing experience and learning done as possible. We are not worried about wins and losses. We make it a goal that every player receives ample playing time to help improve their skills. Our home games are also held here at MVL in the afternoon. The majority of the games are on Thursdays with an occasional game on Monday.

Coaching Staff

The current MVL coaching staff consists of:

Jim Buboltz Varsity Head Coach
Kevin Hulke Asst. Varsity Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator
John Gunderson Asst. Varsity Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator
Nate Doering Assistant Coach