The MVL Chargers football program consists of two levels: Varsity and JV.  The goal of this program is to provide an experience of a lifetime by using God’s gifts and talents he has given to us in the game of football.  The football season generally begins with the August practices and finishes up around Thanksgiving.  All the teams practice everyday after school on non-game days. MVL is a member of the Mid SouthEast District. The Varsity team takes part in the MSHSL playoffs and state tournament after the regular season is completed.

MVL Football offers a variety of life skills/lessons such as teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, dedication, celebration, commitment and safety along with the opportunity to glorify our Lord through activity. Our Savior is the driving force of this program! The game of football can and will be a safe game when taught/played correctly. The MVL coaching staff puts the safety and integrity of the game of football at the highest level. Football can and will only help you, not hurt you. There is nothing like Friday nights under the lights!

2018 Offense Statistics
2018 Defensive Statistics

Charger Football Records

Cumulative Record 193-178
Most Wins in a Season 11 1994, 1996
Most Points in One Season 483 1997
Highest Offensive Average 37.2 2015
Fewest Points Allowed in One Season 94 2003
Lowest Defensive Average 8.4 2005
Most Points Scored in One Game 68 2015
Most First Downs in a Season 202 1993
Most Yards Rushing in a Season 3174 1997
Most Carries in One Season 605 1996
Most Yards Passing in One Season 1837 2018
Most Passes Completed in One Season 129 2006
Most Passes Intercepted in One Season 34 2003
Most Total Yards in One Season 4373 1997
Most Fumbles Lost in One Season 28 1999
Most Fumbles Recovered in One Season 20 1995
Most Penalties & Yards in One Season 97 – 745 1997
Most Interceptions in One Season 34 2003
Take Away Plus/Minus +24 2005
Attempts – Game 55 1983 Kevin Hulke vs. Sleepy Eye
Attempts – Season 248 2018 Matt Munsen
229 2006 Greg Holzhueter
218 1983 Kevin Hulke
208 1994 Aaron Bauer

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