MVL’s basketball programs have been blessed with a great deal of success over the years. Good coaching, supportive parents, and excellent student-athletes have all contributed to our success.

Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball is the oldest of the MVL boys sports. We offer 3 levels of play: Varsity, B-Squad and Freshmen Teams. Through the game of basketball our young men are taught not only the fundamentals of a game which they can enjoy their entire life, but also sportsmanship and how to become servants for their Lord during and after their time here at MVL.

We do not have many C games I am search for more games and will make the updates as I get them to the schedule.


Feb 20-24
Mon Game @ BLHS 445, 6 & 730 (Bus leaves at 315)
Tue Game @ Spfd 445, 6 & 730

Wed Practice 445-615
Thu Prac 445-615
Fri Nothing

Feb 27-Mar 3
Mon Game vs Madelia 445, 6 & 730 (Parents Night)
Tue Var only 310-445
Wed Practice 310-445
Thu Practice 310-445
Fri Possible play in game at 7pm otherwise Practice 310-445