MVL’s basketball programs have been blessed with a great deal of success over the years. Good coaching, supportive parents, and excellent student-athletes have all contributed to our success.

Boys Basketball

Let the season begin!!! Our first practice will be Nov 19. See the practice schedule below I will update it for a 3 week time period.


Dec 10-14
Mon Var 4-445 Mental training All teams practice 445-615
Tue Game at GFW 4:45, 6 & 7pm
Wed Prac. 420-530
Thu Game vs St. Clair 4:45, 6 & 7 pm
Fri Game @ BLHS 4:45, 6 & 7pm

Dec 17-21
Mon Practice 310-530
Tue Var and JV Game 6 & 7 pm at SESM bus leaves 3:15
C practice 12:30-2pm at MVL
We will have a bus from MVL to MLC and back to MVL 30 minutes after practice for your pick up.
Wed All 3 teams 130-3 at MLC
Thu All 3 team 1230-2 at MLC
Fri Game at MCW 4:45, 6 & 7pm bus leaves MVL 3pm

Dec 24-29
Merry Christmas
Dec 26 6-730 Var will practice at MVL
Dec 27-29 Kwik Trip Holiday Tournament at Bethany Lutheran College
27 1:30 JV vs Loyola
6:30 Var vs Loyola
28-29 TBD JV will play in the afternoon and the Var will play in the evening.

Jan 3-4
Thu 4:45-6:30 Practice
Fri 4:45-6:30 Practice

Jan 7-11
Mon Game at NUC 4:45, 6 & 7:30
Tue Prac 310-530
Wed Prac 445-630
Thu Prac 310-515
Fri Game vs Spfd 445, 6 & 730

Uniform Care

  1. Wash immediately after wear. Do not allow stains to set
  2. Wash white garments separate from colored garments
  3. Wash in cold water to avoid colorfastness issues
  4. Use oxygenated cleaners, detergent specifically for uniforms/performance fabrics, or mild detergent (<10 ph)
  5. Do not use chlorine bleach
  6. Do not dry clean or iron
  7. Do not use fabric softeners
  8. Do not soak garments
  9. Fasten hook and look tapes to avoid snagging in the wash
  10. Do not overload machine. Water level should be higher than garment level
  11. Do not let wet garments lay on top of one another
  12. Inspect garments after wash. If stains have not been removed, wash again. Do not dry until stains are removed
  13. Line dry when possible or required
  14. Be sure garments are completely dry before storing