The Student Council consists of 18 students (6 seniors, 5 juniors, 4 sophomores, 3 freshmen) under the guidance of faculty advisors.

The Student Council meets during the school day. The frequency of meetings is determined by the Council’s role in school-related activities. Individual committees of the Student Council may also meet during school hours or at some other time convenient for committee members and a faculty advisor.

The three executive positions of president, vice-president/treasurer and secretary are elected by the student body in the spring. Students campaign for the executive positions. The first to be selected is the president. Other candidates for the position may also campaign for the other executive positions if they are not elected as the president. Individual classes elect the additional representatives from their class after the elections for the officers have taken place. The freshman class is to elect its representatives in the fall.

Elections for all positions on the Student Council are held annually.